wasteMET 2014


Singapore – 1st June 2014 – V3 Teletech Pte Ltd, a leading innovative mobility solutions and technology provider in M2M space, has in the past decade been in the forefront of telematics innovations and automation. Solutions offerings range from Fleet Management System, Municipal Mobile Enforcement Solutions, Taxi Dispatching & Management System have already been widely deployed within the industries.

Making its debut appearance in WasteMET Asia and CleanMET Asia 2014 from 2nd to 4th June 2014, V3Nity Cloud Robotics – a revolutionary concept which embodies “intelligence” fitted onto any autonomous machinery or equipment turning them into service robots which can be programmed to perform sequential tasks wirelessly, has gained good feedback from various Ministers and even Prime Minister himself at our booth. Since then it has also gained traction among potential users within the cleaning industry and municipal agencies not only from Singapore but then the neighbouring Asia countries as well.

Unlike the traditional robotic design, this Patent Pending Homegrown Innovation seeks not to replace human but rather compliment them to deliver equal or even more efficient and cost effective results in service excellence within the industry where man-labour market remains tight; typically at a simple click of a mouse and over the Internet Cloud.

Once the topographical area has been mapped inclusive of work site exceptional conditions, it can be pre-programmed and deployed at the differing timing as well as scheduled frequency. Best part is for a more extensive work areas, multiply sets of such deployment can even be operated concurrently.

Scalability wise, V3Nity Cloud Robotics, has the ability to be fitted onto any ready-to-use mechanical equipment for example sweeper, vacuum, scrubbers just to name a few, typically comes with in-built pre-programmable intelligence memory for work analysis or routes re-work. Along its course, the onboard 360 views camera, fitted with sensor allows free manoeuvre and human-detectiion capability plus objects collision prevention, records photo images for video analytics capability for tasks recording retrievals.

Next, it can even be attached to surveillance device where it can be deployed for warehouse or even asset monitoring.

Spearheading this innovation, Mr Wong Shih Jon, V3 Teletech Managing Director, shares “this solution is a first of its Made-In-Singapore kind. And it is designed to ease the tight labour market we are facing in Singapore, especially so in the industry where it cant seem to attract many Singaporeans to join.”

Such innovation would inevitably open up options for the cleaning industry for a 24/7 automation and with reduced reliance on manpower without compromising its service quality. It also allows the industry to redesign the jobs in the cleaning industry.

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